African circle sessions

Originally music and dance were part of community gatherings and celebrations, and in many African cultures they still are. Here in the west music and dance somehow got separated. They became different disciplines and art forms that we tend to present on a podium (to look at or to listen to).
In African Circle Sessions we gather with music and dance professionals in the circle to bring live music and dance back into the circle as a way to connect more deeply with ourselves, each other and spirit.

Welcome to join us!

The next session is a shorter edition and is integrated in the Africa Safari event on

16 MARCH 2024 in Utrecht

This session is open for all ages!
We close the door during our session and connect in the circle, so please be in time.

This session will be guided by
Mieke Koldewee (voice & dance)
Amara Diabaté (kora & drums)
Daniel Okiror (Adeudeu)
Ousmane Seye (drums)

14.00 – 14.30

time to come in

14:30 – 15:15

Musical & vocal
meditative improvisation
with traditional tone instruments

15:30 – 16:15

Circle dance and movement research, improvisation
with percussion

16:15-23:00 Move into the rest of the Africa Safari program
There’s a bar ánd lovely African food available

Every session will be musically guided by a selection of musicians that are connected to African Circle Sessions.

Mieke Koldewee (dance & voice)

Amara Diabate (kora & drums)

Daniel Okiror (adungu & more)

Ousmane Seye (drums)

Kodjo Agbodjalou (doundoun)

Israel Kalungi (drums & more)

This time the African circle session is integrated in the Africa Safari event.
We want to be open for people with different financial situations. So different prices are offered.
With the support ticket you make it possible for people to join for the budget price or even for free. We trust you choose the price that fits your situation.

budget € 5,-
support € 20,07
social care € 0,-

ZIMIHC Theater Stefanus
Braziliëdreef 2
3563 CK Utrecht